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After School Program Braiding & Natural Hair Care Classes.
Call now to register your child for
March, 2023 class
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
4:00-6:00 PM EST


Everette's has partnered with the 40 Mile Education Consultants After School Program to provide natural hair care and styling classes to our youth throughout the Metro Detroit area.  It is important from a young age for our children to love their natural hair and learn how to manage, understand, nurture and style the hair that God gave them.  Not only just to properly care for their own hair but to earn money at some level of skill if they choose.  

Below are the ages and subjects taught.  Classes are held Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays, 4:00-6:00 PM EST at various locations throughout the city.  Call 313-527-2884 today to find out the location nearest you.  



This is the age when our your ladies, in particular, begin to desire perms and relaxers in their hair to look like someone else.  One of the reasons is they're not in-love with their natural hair, peer pressure, social media and the lack of education and cultural awareness.  Our students learn techniques, theory, business and how to charge for their work.  Call 313-527-2884 for more information and to register your teen for class. 


Hair braiding, locking and natural hair care is the perfect skill to have to as a career or to make money while attending college and have control of your time.  One style could bring you $100/day if you apply your skills, customer relations and business management together.  Parents, take the financial pressure off of the household because your youth will have the ability to bring in income for living and educational expenses on their own.  Call 313-527-2884 for more information and to register your youth.


Click HERE to enter the sign-up portal to enroll your child in the program then scroll down to select the INTAKE FORM.

Someone from the organization will contact you.
Classes are limited and fill up fast!  


Scroll down - hit INTAKE FORM

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