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Welcome to Everette's Natural Hair & Beauty. We invite you to enjoy the classes, events, services, and products that we offer.  The creator of the Classes, Master Teacher & Educational Director, Sheila Everette-Hale (Queen Aduni), shares about the classes that are offered .



Everette's is a family owned and operated business.  We have taught thousands of women and men the art and lifestyle of braiding, locking and natural hair care.


Our business management discussions are all about being successful, taking you from the concept of creating the salon business in your mind to what it takes to operate a salon business and be profitable.  You will be highly skilled and daring as you want to be. It's our job and pleasure to pull the best of you - out of you.


The wonderful thing about Everette's is that you get to work with our onsite professionals.  You will have a vision of where you want to be skill wise as you continue your journey.

Best of all, you are ours (Everette's) forever.  Whatever we have taught you  we guarantee to assist you after the class has ended.  Just call and someone will remind you how to do the techniques over the phone, in person, or online,

When you leave our program you'll know the foundational techniques to create any style you see online, television, magazines, or videos.

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