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Fruits make for great skin care ingredients.  They are natural and filled with essential nutrients that no amount of chemicals can give you.  If you are looking for immediate glowing skin, you must reach in to your fridge and whip up a fruit pack straight-away.  The results are instant and guaranteed.


We’ve all heard of the proverb, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  In reality, it’s more like, “a fruit a day keeps the doctor away”.  Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, and all the required nutrients that are essential not only for the well-being of your body but also for beautiful, clear, and glowing skin.  Fruit facials boost your skin with natural goodness, and also help you do away with harmful, chemical-induced facials, which definitely give you the desired results, but leave their trail behind on your skin.  On the other hand, the fragrance emitted when you apply a fruit pack on your face has spa-like benefits that relax and de-stress your skin.


Papaya & Honey Face Pack


Papaya is a wonder fruit that is available all around the year. While many people are not too fond of ingesting the fruit, it is packed with great benefits and works wonders for the skin when topically applied.

Strawberry & Chocolate Pack


A combo of strawberries and chocolate sounds like an exotic treat, and it is indeed a treat for your skin. The richness of chocolate combined with the fresh goodness of strawberries works miracles for your skin.


Kiwis & Avocado Face Pack


Kiwis and avocados are both green, tropical fruits that, apart from being delicious, are loaded with essential nutrients. Consumption of these fruits is healthy for sure, but their topical application helps promote healthy, glowing skin.

Cucumber & Almond Milk Pack


The ultimate summer fruits, cucumbers spell cool not just for your body but for your skin too.


Banana Face Pack


One of the most common fruits found in every household, the banana is considered a powerhouse of energy. Well, bananas are a power house indeed, not just for your body but for your skin as well.


Orange Peel Face Pack


The pulp of the orange is healthy, and the rind of the fruit is extremely beneficial as well. It has nutrients that will refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

Tomato Face Pack


The inclusion of tomatoes in this article might come as a big surprise to all because most people think tomatoes are vegetables. Tomatoes do come under the category of fruits, and are loaded with goodness, just the right amount that your skin needs.


Basic facial includes ...

We use fresh fruit for your facial, therefore you must book 3 days ahead with a $25 deposit.

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