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Everette's is looking for 2 people to join our team.


A LICENSED & EXPERIENCED Barber PROFICIENT in barbering, hair shaping, hair coloring and hair care ... interested in "natural hair styling" only.  No perms, no relaxers nor press-n-curls.

A LICENSED MANICURE/PEDICURE AND/OR ESTHETICIAN ... uses 'natural/organic' products


  1. Is a 'go-getter'.  Knows how to 'make something happen'.

  2. Is passionate about life and serving people

  3. Loves God (however you relate), family and community .... a beautiful person inside & out.

  4. Responsible and timely in paying booth rent

  5. Knows how to promote self via social media, specials, word of mouth, etc. (or willing to learn and execute)

  6. Looking for a long-term, dependable, stable person who is willing to add value and grow with the team/company

  7. Open to new ideas and methods of doing things

  8. Always looking and open to learning from and sharing with the team

  9. Stay abreast of the trends and natural/holistic products by attending seminars, conferences, webinars, etc.


  1. Clean and safe facility available 7 days, 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM (flexible)

  2. Individual key to come and go as you please (therefore integrity is a major attribute)

  3. Annual booth rent report in January for your records

  4. A team of people who supports, shares, encourages, and looks out for one another.  We are a family owned and operated business and you'll become part of our family. 

  5. An atmosphere of love, creativity, excellence, skill & accuracy, cleanliness and professionalism.  

  6. Administrative & marketing support, i.e., company phone, website, flyers, products, etc.

  7. Everette's will supply shampoo & conditions (although you may use your preferred brand), towels, toiletries, and a working station w/floor mat.

  8. We all work together in teaching one another new techniques and ways of promoting our individual businesses.  It is important to Everette's that you stand out in the crowd in your uniqueness and we feel honored to learn all the 'goodness' in and about you.

  9. We love progressive thought and actions to create the life we all desire and are worthy of having.  You'll be in a 'safe space' to experience "yourself" creatively, skillfully, spiritually, morally, culturally, politically and economically. 

Contact Sheila Hale at 313-527-2884 to schedule an interview
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