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Sunday, March 29, 2020
Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom
715 E Milwaukee Ave, Detroit, MI 48202

Dear Natural Hair Stylist:

March 29, 2020 LEEP & Everette’s Natural Beauty School/Salon will sponsor the 1st Annual Natural Hair Show Gala at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom in Detroit, MI.  You are invited to participate and showcase your salon and stylists, as well as make a profit of at least $500. 


Costs $500/salon includes:

1.  50 tickets to sell @ $20 each and make $500+ profit

2.  20 to 30 minute modeling presentation

3.  Video of your session

4.  Live on FB & Everette’s website (feel free to stream live to your own personal or business social media platform)

5.  Business name on flyers

6.  Your 60 second promo video of your biz shown during

     introduction of your models (you must provide)

7.  Make invitation video to use to invite your customers, family

     and friends to help sell your tickets

8.  Your tickets will have your company’s name highlighted

9.  Program with your business contact info in it


Participation Requirements:

Here’s how you can make a minimum of $500 for your company.

50 tickets @ $20 each = $1,000  Which is split 50/50 between LEEP and your salon.  $1,000/2 = $500


We’ve made it easy to achieve:

  • Due 2/15/2020  Commitment deposit = $100  (5 tickets @ $20 = $100)

  • Due 2/29/2020  2nd payment of $200  (10 tickets @ $20 = $200)

  • Due 3/15/2020  Balance of $200  (10 tickets @ $20 = $200)

  • BONUS  Any tickets sold over 50 you keep $15 and LEEP gets $5 … (example:  20 tickets @ $15 = an extra $300 profit for your business) – $500 + $300 = $800 profit


You didn’t spend anything to participate in the event.  Your salon will be highly promoted through Facebook, Twitter, websites, and radio/tv interviews.  You’ll be highlighted with the best natural hair salons in Metro Detroit and will have beautiful fresh photos to use for your personal business promotions. 



Create an extraordinary evening for your clients, family and friends to attend with your salon featured.  This is an event for them to dress up and 'strut their stuff' and show off their 'natural hair styles'.  There will also be audience awards for the best hair style, best cornrow style, best lock style, best natural couple, etc.  An evening of live entertainment as well.

If interested please contact Queen Aduni at 313-527-2884 for more information ASAP.  Only 7 salons are able to participate.  I pray you decide to be one of them.  

Natural Hair Show & Gala


Band:  HYA Level Collective                     $800

DJ:  TBD                                                   $150

Tangent:                                                    $500

Chairs                                                        $200

Video/Photo Crew                                  $1,000

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