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Child Hair Care and Styling Class For Parents

Everette’s Natural Beauty School

227 Iron St. Ste 133

Detroit MI 48207

(313) 355-0352







$25 per class (3 for $70)

Must pay for class 5 days before class date




Sunday 4pm to 6pm



September 24th: Healthy hair for children

October 1st: Styling Class 1

October 8th: Styling Class 2

October 22nd: Healthy hair for children

November 5th: Styling Class 1

November 12th: Styling Class 2

November 26th: Healthy hair for children

December 3rd: Styling Class 1

December 17th: Styling Class 2


These classes are aimed to educate parents, soon to be parents, and new parents on how to properly style and maintain healthy hair for their children.  Parents will be given information on products and proper hair care procedures. Parents will also be shown hands on how to properly style their child’s hair and add accessories.



  1. Healthy hair for children

  • How to keep hair healthy

  • How to treat damaged hair

  • Detangling

  • Proper Combing

  • Blow drying

  • Shampooing

  • Good hair products for children

  • Personalized tips


  2. Styling Class 1

  • Styling

  • Parting

  • Twist

  • Rubber banding

  • Hair accessories (barrettes and hair balls)


   3. Styling Class 2

  • Styling

  • Parting

  • Individual braids

  • Cornrows

  • Hair accessories (beads)





  1. Wide tooth comb

  2. Parting comb

  3. Wire brush

  4. Barrettes (class 1 only)

  5. Bead stick (class 2 only)

  6. Beads (class 2 only)

  7. Water bottle

  8. scrunchy

  9. Small black rubber bands

  10. Child model (infants to 10yr) boy/ girl

  11. Detangler(African Pride, Dream kids)

  12. Moisturizer cream (African Pride, Dream kids)

  13. Smooth edges (African Pride, Dream kids)

  14. Small jar of Blue Magic

  15. Hair balls (class 1 only)


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