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Continuation Class






$15 per day




Evening Class.

  • Time. 6pm to 9pm

  • Days. Mon, Tues, Wed


Day Class.

  • Time. 10am to 1pm

  • Days. Wed, Thurs, Fri




  • Mannequin Head

  • Standing mannequin stand

  • Clips

  • Combs

  • Hair and other supplies will be purchased as needed




The Continuation Class is for graduates to receive further instructor supervised training to build up skill and confidence. Students will do practical techniques and style completion on mannequins. Graduates have a choice of taking any 1 or more days of class at his or her digression and must pay for each class on or before each class date.




  • For Basic 101 Graduates

  • Get further training on practical techniques

  • Get further training on completing and finishing styles

  • Come to any 1 class session or more

  • Choose your techniques and styles to work on

  • Each 3 hour school day= a $15 session)

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