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City of Wellness

Are you tired of being sick & tired?

Then listen to your body and give it the wellness it deserves with our

City Of Wellness

21-Day / 6 Week Detox Program

The City of Wellness 21 Day/ 6 Week Detox Program will help you eliminate toxins from your body, emotional and physical weight from your mind, body and spirit.  This Master Detox Workshop will guide you chapter by chapter through the "City of Wellness" and "Heal Thyself' as you learn, on a deep and more detailed level, to detox and rejuvenate the entirety of the body's anatomy based on the 4 elements in Nature.


Learn how to incorporate the levels of Flexatarian, Vegetarian, Raw Food Vegan and Juicetarian into your daily wellness lifestyle.  Receive the holistic roadmap for Total Body Wellness including :

Mental Respiratory





Bone/ Joint and Skin


Wellness Warriors who have take Queen Afua's 21 Day Detox Program have seen the following results. 


  • Weight Loss

  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved appearance in hair, skin and nails

  • Increased Energy

  • Peaceful Rest 

  • Less Stress

  • Reduction or elimination of pain

  • Reduction or elimination of medication 

  • Aid in over healing healing 

  • Elimination of the need for major surgical procedures

  • And much more.


Got more questions ? Join Sheila & Danyelle on Tuesdays from 7pm - 8pm, for an introduction about the classes and learn the basic tools to overcome physical, mental and spiritual disease.  Be empowered to break food addictions, reboot your life and begin the journey of optimum wellness.


Join by dialing 712.755.7035  and use Access Code 731105#.

If you miss the LIVE call, you can listen to the playback my dialing 712.775.7039  and use code 731105#.


2015  Class Schedule ... (6-week sessions)              

       OPEN HOUSE               May 4, 2015    (Monday)  6:00 - 7:00 PM EST.

       CLASS STARTS              May 18 (Monday) 6:00 - 9:00 PM EST.



Classes are held at Everette's Natural Beauty School

227 Iron Street, Loft 133, Detroit, MI 48207


Course Books


Your 21 Day Purification Kit includes everything you need to restore the entire anatomy


  • (1) XL Green Life

  • (3) Master Herbal Teas

  • (3) Large Colon Ease

  • (1) Large Herbal Laxative

  • (1) 8oz Rejuvenation Clay

  • (1) Medium Breath Of Life

  • (2) Wellness charts

  • (1) Manual

  • (1) Heal Thyself Book

  • (1) City Of Wellness Book

Plus you will receive a Bonus of

(1) Nutrition Kitchen Chart

(1) Pyramids of Wellness Chart

(1) 21 Day Detox CD

(1) City of Wellness Service Passport Book


A small price to pay to take control of you and your family's health and wellness.

Register Today Below

Couple's Detox Special




Queen Afua 21 Day Detox Program - pay in full

$335 for books & 21 Day Kit is non-refundable

Second set of books and extra products must

21 Day Class Paid In Full



Queen Afua 21 Day Detox Program - pay in full

$335 for books & 21 Day Kit is non-refundable




Non-refundable Deposit for Books & 21 Day Kit - payment plan

(Wellness Warrior Danyelle will contact you once your payment is received.)




Queen Afua 21 Day Detox Program (balance)

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This is one course that will change your life for the better!


If you took Queen's Pilot Program previously and you would like to take the course again, please call  or text 21DETOX Danyelle Claxton at 313.516.1789 or email her at Click Here .

 for a special rate just for you Wellness Warriors.  


Hurry!  Only 10 spots available for each class.


Like Us @Detroit City Of Wellness Page on Facebook.

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