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Early Registration

$100 Off

on Basic 101Class

(early register by paying the

discounted tuition by the 

15th of the month before class)

Feb 15th  for March Class

March 15th for April Class

April 15th for May Class

May 15th for June Class

June 15th for July Class

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Class Graduate Testimony

Class Time

Sheila Everette Hale (Founder, C.E.O.

Class "Live" Online

Welcome to Everette's Natural Hair & Beauty School. We are here to serve and educate our people about our hair.  We have been providing braiding and locking services for over 40 years and have educated others for over 20 years.  Our hands on classes are aimed to teach how to style and care for textured hair. We promote holistic health and beauty, and empowering individuals to increase their income potential and opportunities to become an entrepreneur.  


Join our 4 week Basic 101 Braiding & Locking Class for $700 (price can very for specials). Classes are available onsite (Detroit) and Live online with both interactively sharing the same class time. Participants complete the class after completing the 4 weeks of classes and attending the 3 day Bootcamp (click boot camp for dates). 


Need to make payments?

"Pay as You GO" payment plan requires $200 to start. After the first week, the first payment of $125 will be made Monday (evening class) or Wednesday (day class). After the first payment ($125) the next 3 payments wil be due every other week. For any reason a payment can not be made for that week the participant will take off for that week and resume when ready to make a payment. The payments must be paid in full on or before the boot camp to complete the class. (arrangements can be made).


Take Onsite or

Live Online

2 Month
"Pay as You Go"
payment plan

Request any 3 days

(General 5 to 8 hrs each day)

must schedule at

least 2 weeks in


Graduates share their experiences at completion celebration at the end of Bootcamps.

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